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Blueberry Soup


1 - 1 ¼ cups of fresh Blueberries

2 - ½ of buttermilk

3 - ½ cup plain non fat yogurt

4 - 10oz raspberries

5 - ½ cup vanilla non fat yogurt


1 - Blend one cup of the blueberries in a blender until very smooth and then pour through a strainer to remove the skins. Add the buttermilk and plain yogurt together with the blueberries and mix well together – refrigerate until thoroughly chilled.

2 - Empty the raspberries into a strainer and pulp through the strainer with a spoon. You want to be left only with the juice – so take care not to force the seeds or any skin through. Throughout the seeds.

3 - Stir the vanilla yogurt together with the raspberries and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled.

4 - To serve divide the blueberry mixture between two bowls and also divide the raspberry mixture into two adding each half to the side of the bowls. Then using the end of a knife, swirl the blueberry and raspberry mixtures into each other creating a pattern on the soup.

5 - Garnish the soup with the remaining blueberries – eat.