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No Cream, Creamy Asparagus Soup


1 - 3 Pounds Asparagus

2 - 1 Cup Shallots

3 - 2 Boxes (8 cups) vegetable broth

4 - 1- large jar marinated artichoke hearts drained

5 - salt to taste

6 - Pepper to taste

7 - Dash of Cayenne Pepper

8 - 2- Tbsp olive oil


1 - First bring 4 cups broth to a boil. While this is happening, separate asparagus into three parts. The woody ends, the tips and the middle. Place the woody ends in the broth to boil for flavor.

2 - Chop middles and reserve for later. Reserve pretty tops for end. Boil until woody ends are tender. Remove with a slotted spoon. Reserve broth in blender or food processor.

3 - In pot add olive oil, shallots, middles of asparagus, artichoke hearts salt, pepper and cayenne. Sauté over low heat until asparagus is tender.

4 - Add asparagus, shallot mixture to broth in blender and blend on high until smooth and creamy. Place asparagus tips on microwave safe bowl and heat with two tablespoons broth for 2 minutes.

5 - Pour soup from blender into pot and add softened asparagus tips and cayenne pepper. Add remaining broth to desired constancy. Check for seasoning, salt and pepper to taste.