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Corner Butcher Shop

Surely you remember a simpler time. For the evening's dinner, you spoke with the butcher and he helped you with cooking temperatures and times for the roast you were planning, or you asked for an especially thick-cut steak for Father's Day, and you were quickly served with a fresh steak and a smile. Gooseberries brings back those simpler times.

Along with excellent, personalized service, we feature the highest quality meats, like Certified Angus Beef. Only 8% of all beef meets the stringent standards to be called Certified Angus Beef brand. Our chicken is All Natural Amish chicken, fed an all vegetarian diet of cereal grain feed blended with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and vegetable fats to produce a balanced nutritional feed, and ultimately, nutritionally balanced chicken for you and your family!

We proudly feature All Natural Pork with no hormones or injections. Our pork baby back ribs have become a favorite. They are always fresh, NEVER frozen like at our competitors. Be sure to try the meatiest ribs in town.

We don't skimp on the quality, and certainly not on the service. Gooseberries will be ready to fill all of your beef, pork, and poultry needs. All meats are custom cut to order. When you have choices, why not make the fresh one?



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