About Us

From the moment you step into Gooseberries Fresh Food Market, you will sense that this is a whole new experience in shopping! In fact, you’ll notice the difference even before you step in: the market has a refreshing open-air layout, with produce on display before you even set foot inside the store. Year round, you'll find a great selection of organic and locally grown produce. When you head over to the meat department, you won't find cases of pre-wrapped, previously frozen cuts. You'll find a crisp, clean meat counter with a friendly and knowledgeable butcher standing behind it, ready to help you with your request, be it a standard, or a very special order. Same goes for seafood. We have a great selection every day of the week and Thursday-Sunday, we offer the absolute freshest, best selection in town with special seasonal catches.

You will be delighted with the beautiful selection of elegant cakes and pastries in our bakery. It may remind you of a café in Paris, more than a supermarket bakery. And our deli features exceptional items from Courtyard Catering, from elegant meals to heat-and-eat. If you have any special requests for foods you’d like to see in the deli, just let us know!

At Gooseberries, you will always find new and unique products on our shelves. Because this is an independently owned and operated store, we are able to deal with a variety of suppliers to get all the products you ask for.

Gooseberries is an effort of the Spiegelhoff family who have been working in the grocery business in Burlington for over 95 years. During this time, they have developed a great relationship with their customers, along with a solid understanding of what the community would like to see in a market.

Gooseberries is a fresh new concept in grocery stores, based on the old fashioned notion of serving the customer. Remember the good old days when your neighborhood butcher greeted you by name and your local market was more than happy to special order any item you wanted? Gooseberries is bringing those days back. Our goal is to provide unparalleled service along with fresh and unique products you can't find anywhere else. If you are looking for a fresh shopping experience, Gooseberries is your destination for fresh!