Boar's Head Top Fav's, Potato Salads & Wrap it in Bacon Sale

Augsth 24th -30th
Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin Fillet $10.99

Bacon Wrapped Pork Rib End Chops $3.49 lb.

Boar's Head Bacon (in the meat Counter) $5.49 lb.

Spiegelhoff's Original Recipe Bacon Cheddar Brats $3.69 lb.

Bacon Cheddar Bistro Burgers $3.99 lb.

Potato Salads: Ellen's, German, Gorgonzola, Lakewoods, Loaded Baked Potato or Danish Potato Salad $4.99 lb.

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 Boar's Head Top Fav's, Potato Salad & Wrap it in Bacon

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